What is the difference between electrical engineering and electronics and electrical communication engineering?

What basis should I compare? I would have been able to help you better if you provided more details. Let’s now see what the difference is…

Pledge: I pledge that I will not be biased as an ECE engineer.

ECE- Electronics and communication Engineering. I get the impression that you are still a beginner in the field of “higher education”. I will make it as easy as possible.

ECE teaches you about the operation of devices. What’s inside your cell phone, laptop and other electronic devices? These devices will communicate with one another.

EEE-Electrical and ElectronicsWithout electrical power, electronics is impossible. My brilliant electrical engineering friends can proudly proclaim …’ dude, we are why we exist’.

The power of electrical engineering is higher than electronics.

Both are equally well-positioned and both are important in their own way.

Situation: ECE is brighter because electronic objects are increasing exponentially and so is the need for communication. Unlike water, electrical appliances are not subject to an exponential growth.

It was the easiest way I could imagine to explain it. 🙂

I hope you find my answer worth it.

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