Which are the good universities to do an MS in Germany, in a field related to electronics & communication engineering?

This question is being asked by many, so I’m going to try and answer it. There are two main types of institutions in Germany.

  1. Hochschule, Fachhochschule: This is the best type for anyone looking to enter the EU. You can easily find a job in any company. Both the subject and course use current technology. Some of them will require an internship for a minimum of one semester. This is the best way to get industrial exposure in Germany. You can also do thesis on your favorite topic in any company. You can get almost a year of experience before you receive your degree. During this time, you will be paid at least your own expenses. This will allow you to expand your knowledge and/or improve your professional profile. For 2 years, I was a Java developer. Later, I switched to C++. The disadvantage of mastering from this institution is that it can be harder to get a phd. Assume that for the phd position, one Hochschule guy from TU is competing with one another.
  2. The second type is the TU, or technical university. These courses require a deeper knowledge of theory, and are a bit more difficult than Hochschule. They won’t be required to do internships. This reduces the chances of them getting an internship, but they still get it. Hochschule guys will be able to get a letter of compulsory internship, which can help the company receive some significant tax benefits. The courses at TU are based on current research topics. Thesis can be done in any R & D area or at the university with a professor. You can also publish a paper after that. It is easy to get your phd. You will be more likely to choose to work in cutting-edge technology, which is less available, if you have a deep understanding of the subject matter after your studies at tu. There are fewer job openings that can accommodate your skills. While you can still work as a normal developer, your skills and knowledge will not be sufficient. You may be able to get a job in R and D.

The key to success in Germany is language. Learn german. Get germanized. This is not a fraud institution. All universities have high quality. Professes are well-qualified in their fields and have good industrial contacts. I would recommend any course. You can look through all the topics and subjects they have to offer before you make a decision. It is a good idea to decide what area of engineering you want to focus on in the next three years before you apply for admission.

Instead of focusing on completing a degree and finding a job, focus on learning skills. You will be hired if you are able to speak and write German. You can take advantage of the student period.

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[1] VicharDhara

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