Does plastic conduct electricity?

It conducts if I say so, you might be confused. But it is true. Let me tell you why.

Plastic is known as an insulator due to its high resistance to electricity conduction. It does not necessarily conduct.

Let us do some math..

Let’s say that plastic resistance is 500000 ohm, which could be considered a practical value. Let’s now calculate the current for 200V, which will be 0.4mA. Plastic conducts electricity.

Why then shouldn’t you be shocked? This is because the resistance of plastic is too high, so the voltage that is applied to the plastic drops quickly. At the point where you grab the plastic, the voltage is very low. This is too low for you to have significant current flow through your body. This can cause you harm and is why you don’t get shocked.

Insulators do this by dropping the voltage so that the voltage at one end is so low that it is completely innocuous. However, it does not mean they don’t conduct electricity. Insulators conduct electricity too but their current value is so small and the voltage drops quickly that it becomes very close to zero.

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